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Thank you everyone for tuning in, today i want to talk about a practice exercise you guys can do for dissolving the ego. Ive been using this practice for about a month now & definetly it has helped me raise my consciousness. From the lower states such as guilt, fear, desire, anger and pride. Right now my state of conscioisness has moved up to courage and acceptance which I’m truley grateful for.

Theres 2 things we have to realize before beginning the exercise.

1. Understand what the ego is.

2.Knowing you have an ego.

So what is the ego? The ego is a false identity of the self. It is a collection of all your thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs & attachments. Most of our society is run by the ego. Most people don’t live there lives based off of there true selves. They live there lives based off of there ego. They base there identity off of what they have. They base there lives off of what they do, there actions. This is all ego, the absence of the soul. Your true essence.

How can you become aware that you have an ego? Once you practice the technique im about to share with you, theres going to be some things you will become aware of such as do you get mad when people disagree with you? Do you compare yourself with other people? Do you get upset when things dont go your way? Do you always look into the future and avoid the present moment? Do you dwell on the past? Do you judge? Label? Or criticize others? If any of these are true… then you have an ego. You have attached an identity to yourself which is layers covering up your true self. Your true self is someone who experiences acceptance, unconditional love & inner peace.This is who you have truley always been your whole life.

So what’s the technique for Dissolving the ego? The technique is very simple and i promise you, if you just practice this technique for the next 3 weeks, everyday for 15 minutes a day, you will begin the journey of dissolving the ego. The technique is called “BEING INTOUCH WITH YOUR PHYSICAL BODY” I learned this technique from a man named Eckhart Tolle, very well known spiritual teacher, he had a couple talks with Oprah Winfrey, you can find him on YouTube. Even Oprah claims to have been inspired by his teachings. Being in touch with your body, its a meditation you can practice for 15 minutes a day and if you do this for the next 3 weeks, it will become a habit. What this does is it helps anchor you in the present moment so you become aware of your thoughts feelings emotions, belief systems & Attachments. This is how you dissolve the ego. Once the ego is recognized, it begins to lose its power. The energy behind it dissipates.

Try this meditation of going in your body for the next 15 minutes. Sit or lay down in a quite place, and bring all your attention to every part of your body, your hands, fingers abdomen chest, upper and lower legs and your face. Feel the body!


Letting go of negative emotions

I would like to share a great way to release negative feelings that are stored within us either consciously or unconsciously. There are many ways to release but i want to talk about one thats worked well for me and that is through “fasting”. And i been doing something called a warrior diet meaning you only eat within an8 hour window. And the other 16 hours you dont eat, you just drink water.

I want to explain 2 ways of how this works…

1. First off we need to understand that the way to release negative emotions is to first accept them k owing that you have them. There is a great saying that goes “you have to feel them to heal them”. Sadly most people dont do this, they escape them through drugs, alcohol, food, movies or any kind of escape. I learned that if you can stay with a feeling for long enough, eventually it will run its course. The energy behind it runs out.

#2 is when you are in a fasted state, meaning you skipped a meal or two or didn’t eat for a full day…you now have access to release negative emotions which you couldnt before because you used food as emotional comfort. Most people eat just for emotional comfort.

When i was fasting for a whole week doing the worrior diet, i would start getting dep3dessed at night, even crying for short periods of time. The reason is because i had full access to my emotions and instead of trying to run away from them like most people, i ended facing them. I k ow there’s more to be let go but i can honestly tell you that i feel like a big anchor of weight has been released from me. I feel lighter and happier, im laughing more, i have more energy and i will continue the process until ive fully let vo. Because the absence of negativity is love. You cant experience love if your holding negativity in your subconscious. You must release it and fasting is a greaf tool which has worked for me and i encourage you to do some research on it. Or ask me.

Blessings to you all💪

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90 day organic fruits & vegetable challenge

Hello everybody, i am doing a 90 day challenge where i only eat organic fruits and vegetables, including nuts and seeds. I am in my first week into the process and i cannot begin to tell you the difference i feel in my mind body and spirit. This includes 20 minutes of cardio as well. I have shrunk my waste line a bit, i feel lighter, more energetic, been able to sleep better, and generally i feel a lot more happier then before, and its only been a week into the diet!! I am excited to finish the 90 day journey and explain my results, and maybe you guys will be inspired as well.

The reason i have decided to do this diet was because of the amazing results and impact i have read through my research. The difference between organic and conventional food is quite dramatic. Not only does the organic foods have all the pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals, but organic fruits vegetables, nuts and seeds are known as  “high vibration foods” meaning they have a higher frequency of energy compared to other foods. Here is an example of the difference when looked at on an energy level.


My point is, that the more alive and natural the food is, the more alive YOU will feel! i’m very excited to share my results. i’ll leave my Instagram below so you guys want to see what im eating, and maybe join me on the journey as well. The more high vibration foods you eat, you will begin to raise your level of consciousness, well being, mind body and spirit. All dimensions in your life, i believe will improve! Have a great day everybody!

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The Healing Power of Laughter

You can literally save thousands of dollars when utilizing the power of laughter, rather then spending it on medical bills which promise to cure your depression, stress and anxiety. Most of or should i say, all of the pain medications out there will only bring about temporary results to uplifting your mood. Want a free mood uplifter, learn to laugh every day. Laughter IS the best medicine and i will show you science based evidence to prove it.
Laughter was many great benefits to it such as it makes you feel more calm and relaxed, the feel good chemical known as endorphins is released, are facial structure improves, people feel happy to be around us, and many psycical illnesses improve such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Laughter & Stress reduction
I believe laughter is the best natural technique for reducing stress levels. Everytime you laugh, you reduce a hormone associated with stress known as cortisol. This happens when your heart begins to pump blood through out your entire nervous system. Releasing the feel good chemical known as endorphins. If you are unfamilar with endorphins, they are the hormones which get released after an exciting event has occured, such as winning a trophy, recieving a complement from a loved one, or getting a promotion. Endorphins being released stimulates whats known as the the brains reward system.
In a study from California Loma Linda University, there were20 individuals participating in the study, two groups between the ages of 60 to 70 years old. Both have been known to have possessed a high level of cortisol. One group was asked to sit down without being able to read, watch t.v. or talk to there neighbor for a certain amount of time, while the other group got to watch funny videos for the whole session. Researchers have given a saliva test to both groups before and after the study was over. The saliva test was to find out the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in each participant The results have shown that the group who watched the funny videos have had a significant reduction in the stress hormone cortisol compared to the group who have not been given the funny videos to watch.
Another study done by Lee Berk, from Loma Linda University of California has found a correlation between laughter and lowered stress hormones. Him and his team worked with a group of 16 men, half of them were told they would watch a humorous video, while the other half were given magazines to read in a quite room. The researcher monitored both groups of men for both stress hormones (cortisol) adrenaline and dihydroxyphenylacetic, a metobolite which helps produce endorphins” the feel good chemical. Berk and his team reported at the 121st Annual Meeting of the American Physiological Society in San Diego, California, that both teams have decreased all 3 stress hormones before, during and after the videos. 30 minutes after the videos were watched, cortisol decreased 67%. Adrenaline was down to 35% and dihydroxyphenylacetic (endorphin releaser) was reduced by 69%. Berk had become very serious about humor and its powerful effects, mentioning that humor should be suscribed as a medication.

Curing illness with Laughter
It has been said many times that laughter has the ability to create an alkaline state in the body where disease cannot exist. I believe in this phenomenon through my own personal experience. I was working one day while i had the flew. I was 4 hours in, just coughing, sneezing, my nose was conjested, and i felt completely week. During my lunch break i remembered the powerful benefits of laughter. So what i did during my lunch break was a google search of funny photos and memes and i just began to start laughing. I started with a smile, lifting up both cheeks, then i forced myself have some little belly laughs. Next thing you know i was seriously laughing my butt off. I ended up laughing to myself for about 20 minutes. I kept it up consistently and surprisingly enough, i seriously started to feel better. I ended up healing my flew. All the snot in my nose began to dissapear, i felt lighter and back at ease. It was like a miracle how it worked. My healing story is only a single example, i have found multiple stories of people healing from laughter. There is a story of some one who had cancer, and the doctors told him he only had a short amount of time to live. The cancer patient, with the wisdom he had in mind which was “if disease and sickness are hooked together, then maybe laughter and being at ease are hooked together. So what he did was he ended up buying a bunch of very funny movies, he sat at home and just laughed every day at the funny movies. 3 monthes later, the patient went to the hospital and the doctors said that he was healed, the cancer had been removed. Wow! The power of laughter!
Laughter & Attracting Positive relationships
Anywhere you go whether its work, school, family situations or any type of social function, having a sense of humor will win people over to you almost like a charm. As you develop your sense of humor, you will find that over time people just love to be around you. You will create special bonds as well as memoriable experiences with almost every social situation you are in. That is because people love to be around other people who are just light-hearted and fun who do not take life so seriously. If you have not added humor to be one of your core values when it comes to relationships, i want you to start smiling and get into a humorous stage
If you cant laugh, start with a smile
If you have trouble getting yourself in a laughing state, the best way i have found that works for me as well as others is to just start smiling at first. You may not feel like you can laugh at first which is fine, it is not always possible to be bursting with laughter. So when you begin, just start with a grin. Lift up both sides of your mouth, and you will notice that after a few seconds or minutes you will naturally start giggling. That giggling will turn into laughter. You will find proof this works whenever you are in a social situation. It becomes very contagious when one person starts smiling, then others start smiling, then it turns into everyone giggling and cracking jokes back and forth. I have seen this work in mulitple situations. Not only will a smile begin to create a laughing effect, but it has been proven that a smile can trick your brain into believing you are happy. Next time you are feeling depressed, just lift your head up and just start smiling. You will notice a generally more happy feeling in just seconds. You can find evidence in this in the famous motivational speaker Tony Robbins who calls it, “Changing your Psyiology” were he makes everyone lift there head up to the sky and start smiling. He then asks them to try and feel depressed while holding that smile. Most people will start laughing because they find it impossible to feel down. That is the power of a smile, the first step which creates the laughing process.
Surround yourself with humor
There are many things you can do to get yourself into the habit of laughter. For instance, you can join comedy clubs, hang out with funny people, watch funny movies, read humorous books, or join laughter yoga. All are very effective and some which i use every day in my own life. There are hundreds of comedy clubs in your area which offer open mic and even look up popular comedians in your area. You can go on i Instagram, YouTube, facebook and many other social media gigs to find comedians in your area. The comedians are more then glad to invite you to there upcoming comedy events to get you rolling. If you would like to hang around funny people, start paying attention to different groups where ever you go that involes social situations. Pay attention to the groups who are smiling and laughing the most often. The people who are having the best time, those are the people you want to surround yourself with.if you have instagram or Facebook for example, start paying attention to the people on your friends list who are always posting funny pictures or leave funny comments. They are the ones who are upbeat and would be a great idea to surround yourself with them.
I remember when i discovered the power of laughter, everywhere i went, i decided i was going to look for the humor in every situation. I did this for years, and it was no surprise, i found out that most of my friends who i attracted had a great sense of humor as well. Whether it was at the skate park, school, facebook, people around me began to share funny stories with me in return. Everytime i posted something funny on facebook or Instagram i would get back humorous comments in return. This was because i attracted humorous people through my own attitude, wanting to be funny and have a good tine with people. It makes sense to know that laughter wins people over, it wins the day and attracts multitudes of crouds to your presence. Not only have a great sense of humor but become aware of what is funny and what is not, this is important because you want. To understand what is appropriate and what could potentially intimidate people.
As you continue to add humor to your life, you will become a very social human being who people just love to be around. Your stress hormones will decrease, endorphines will be released and you will almost always be healthy and relaxed. To add to your motivation for laughter, here are some great laughter quotes to inspire you to begin the process…
“Laughter is, and will always be, the best form of therapy.” Dau Voire.
“Laughter is an instant vacation” Milton Berle.
“A day without laughter is a day wasted” Charlie Chaplin
“There is nothing in the world so irresistable and as contagious as laughter and good humor” Charles Dickens
“Laughter is the language of the soul” Pablo Neruda.
Having a Daily Sense of Humor
I want to prove to you that it is possible to find humor in almost all situations whether its a specific situation at home, your work, school, a social inneraction your in, even if it starts out negative you can always flip the script by turning it into humor. It all comes down to awareness, meaning you want to find a funny outcome from the situation. I call this “changing the meaning of the situation through humor”. The way you do this is alot more simple then you think. You do this every time the situation occurs, you can ask yourself, “what can u find funny about this situation?” I’ll give you some examples, one night when i was cleaning my kitchen, i attempted to put a chocolate cake back in the fridge, unfortunately i ended up dropping the cake on the floor. The chocolate had splattered all over the place. I was angry for a few seconds but then i remebered to ask, what can i find funny about this situation? And when you ask a question like that your brain automatically searches for an answer. I told myself, “wow! Looks like i have won the golden ticket to willy wonkas chocolate factory!” I then started to sing the umpa lumpa song while cleaning the chocolate. I started laughing and it had magically turned from a situstion which could have potentially got me fustrated into a situation of fun and amusement.
Another time was when i posted a picture of me on facebook. 5 minutes later i got a comment from one of my friends out of my peer group, they left a nasty comment such as “eww” although i new they were just joking around, instead of me backfiring and coming back with a threat towards them as most people expect, i asked myself the magic question..”what can i find funny about this situation?” Then my brain immediately led me to the answer of saying “i kniw man, I’m sorry, i am the most ugliest man on the planet.” My friend replied back with a huge laugh. That is the power of changing the meaning through humor. Next time you get into a certain situation, you can always diflate the situation with the magic question “What can i find funny about this situation?” Watch the magic at work;)
Laughter Practices
Below i have listed some more ideas which can help you make humor a part pf your life. All of them work effectively well.

Role Playing
One of the best ways to get yourself laughing as well as others is through role playing certain characters. Fiction or non fictional characters. Meaning you imitate the way they talk, the way they act think and behave. I have found this to be my main style of humor and works extremely well on making others laugh as well as others. This is by far the easiest way to humor and does not require you to be a humorous genius. When applying this style of humor, it is important not to offend anyone in paticular. Use sone critical thinking to be sure you will not offend anyone in particular. For example i like to imitate the main character in the movie “Borat” i imitate his voice and his words to get people laughing and copy his character as well. Using a movie store or a t.v. show is the safest way to make sure you are not offending anyone. Another way is to use fictional characters. I make up different characters for different situations, for example, when im working out or at the gym, i like to make up a character on staroids with a deep voice “i need more protien for my big big muscles” the way i say it and my committment to the character gets people rolling with laughter. Try this out for yourself and see how it works. Role playing humor is one of the most easiest and effective ways to make people laugh.
Laughter Yoga
You can go on Google and research different laughter yoga classes in your area. The process involves sitting quietly, bringing your attention to your belly and start making the sound out loud “HA HA HA HAHa” repeatedly for a certain amount of time given. This will create a momentum for you to become more easily amused. You will be in a big group who is also applying the same technique and it will make itveasier for you to apply. Remember, laughter is contagious so it makes perfect sense to have a good laugh with a group of people.
Joke books
There are many joke books in your area with dozens of comedy books that can get you rolling. I would suggest purchasing about 2 to 3 a month, whuchever you find the most funniest, and just go through them in the morning once you wake up to get your day going. They could be short jokes, funny stories or books with funny pictures.
Have someone Tickle you
An easy way to get into laughter mode is to have someone tickle you for a few minutes. This is a great way for those who are ticklish. If you hate being tickled, just remember the powerful benefits you are receiving from the laughter, the increase of endorphins, the uplifting mood you will recieve, the decrease of cortisol causing stress, and how good you will feel in general, this should motivate you to get going on the tickling process. Sounds silly, but it is the results which you will be grateful for.
Have a list of funny stories
One of the best ways to have humor lined up with you is to come out with funny stories and have them written down. I would suggest remembering 3 to 5 funny stories you can share with people wherever you go. This will strengthen your relationships and form an ever lasting connection. Not only that, but people will be more then glad to want to share there stories with you. If you think you dont have any stories to share, a big reason is because you have not had the intention to remember them or write them down. Im sure you have stories, but you have not made the effort to write them down to file them in your memory bank. I remember i didn’t think i had any funny stories to share with people, but until i dug down into my memory bank i started to remeber a few. For example, one story is when i saw a homeless man in downtown los Angelas in his underwear dancing with his dog. I had to remember this story in order to be able to let people know about it. The people i mentioned it always bust up in laughter and have been encouraged to share with me there own funny homeless stories. I encourage you to write down some funny stories on your smart phone, or a notepad you can view every day. Trust me, the results and laughs you will get from others may create an ever lasting effect.

Creating your best Self Image

The reason i am going to duscuss self image as the first topic of this book because it is by far the #1 most important subject in this book. If you skip this chapter or neglect how important it is then you might as well skip the whole book. The reason self image us the most important because it makes the whole process of feeling good all possible. With the right self image, you will be “pulled” to utilize all of the principles in this book rather then “forced” to apply them. “Force” which is done through willpower will only get you so far. I want you to have ever lasting results that stick forever so you dont have to keep going back and forth through different personal development books. Self image is all about how you see yourself. How you see yourself in your own mind which effects your relationships, your health, your well being, the actions you take, how you respond to different situations, everything! Whatever you hold in mind, tends to manifest in the outer world which explains the powerful law of attraction. Not only will i talk about the self image but we will go through exercises and a journal you can use to install a positive self image that best serves you. I will even discuss my own so you have an example. I have been inspired to write about self image from a few examples i learned from a great author by the name of Dr. Maxwell Malts book psycho cybernetics and a great self help speaker by the name of Bob Proctor. Both of these great teachers explain the power of self image and how it controls 99 percent of the results you get in life.
Right now as we speak, i have created the image of writting this book which will improve the overall well being of people. I thought of sone of the most powerful ways in which have been proven over and over by scientists as well as psychologists to make people feel better. Non of these are made up, they have all been proven to work and will 100 percent work for you garanteed. I created the self image of people becoming generally more happy after reading this book and it in turn makes me happy as well. I have written down my own idea self image on paper, in a journal and i have become as specific as possible. Now i am more then glad to show you how to get simular results. Everytime you get knocked off course you can always referre back to this chapter as well as the journal.

The self image, also known as the self concept, as psychologists like to call it, is all about how you see yourself, which creates all of your thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors. Believe it or not, but almost everything you have created until this day has been a result of how you see yourself. It is a mental picture we carry with ourselves wherever we go. All of our past life events such as how we grew up, the way we were raised, the way people treated us, the tragic events we experienced, our past failures and successes have all been stored in our self image which we carry with us in the present moment. A good example is a child who had gotten bad grades in his 2nd and 3rd year of school, his teachers and parents begin to call him a failure. Now believing the child is a failure, he then goes through the rest of his education failing classes. Because that is consistant with the self image which was put on to him. As long as the child holds that self image of himself as failure, he will continue to act consistantly with that belief. The self image works on a unconscious level, which explains why all the food choices you make, how you appear to others, the things you say, the things you talk about, how you view the world and generally the overall way you feel. Our minds run like a computer which can be programmed with whatever data we feed it. If we want different results, we will need to change the data. If you are not happy with the way you feel about your overall well being, then we need to let go of your old self image which is making you feel unhappy. Once we program new images and beliefs in your mental faculties, you will experience better results, you will see that everything begins to work in your favor.
Journal your new self image
Now it’s time for you to create a new self image with your own journal. Your new image should idealy be about the person you would like to become. You want to be as specific as possible. The more specific you can be, the faster you will mold into the person you wish to become. I want you to jot down as much as possible, writting down everything from how you want to look, how you want to feel, your attitude towards life and how you expect others to treat you. Write down your new self image in present tense as if it already happened. For each part of your new self, you want to write down at least a page or two for each areas of your life, such as your health, relationships, appearance, attitude, and mindset. Once you have completed the process, you will read what you have written down every day for the next 21 days! I say 21 days because thats how long it takes to install a new habit according to scientists. In the next section i will give you an example of how i have written out my self image in my journal, and from that point on, you should have an idea of how to create your own.
Remove the negative road blocks
It is just as important to remove all the negativity in your life which are blocking your success. Before writting out a new self image, it is important to become aware of the old one or one that has been hindering you. The reason this is important because it helps to add clarity. It makes it easier for you to create the positive self image of yourself. Writing out the what you want to avoid about your new self is like becoming aware of obstacles in the road ahead. In order to make it to your destination successfully, you need to see what is in the road ahead so you will not crash into anything. Make sense? Lets begin!

The. Self Image Journal
Old negative self/Health
These past few years i have filled my body with junk food.

I am always stopping by fast food restaurants which are doing me harm in the long run.

Im too lazy and un-motivated to start eating healthy.

I am low on energy most of the day.

I chug down multiple cups of coffee everyday to get me going

My health is horrible right now from all the bad choices i make

I always go for the burger rather then the salad.

I chose to drink a beer and relax rather then get a good workout in.

Im too lazy too work out

I have been gaining a big belly

I have trouble delaying instant gratification when it comes to being healthy

I feel like crap most of the time.

Old negative self/attitude
I am always focused on what could go wrong rather then what can go right.

I tend to worry quite often

I am fearful of the future

Things never seem to work in my favor

I have failed multiple times in the past.

I have low self esteem

I am uncertain about my future

I always feel frustrated.

I have trouble getting things done

Im scared that i will never amount to nothing

I dont believe i am good enough

My life is never working to my advantage

I have a low level of self confidence and it has been hindering my growth.

Now that you have become aware of your old self image which you would like to change, it is time to let it go and begin to create your idea self. Heres an example

New Self Image/Health
Having a healthy body is just part of who i am.

I see myself becoming healthier and healthier everyday.

I am beginning to feel great in my body.

I feel amazing with my new healthy habits

I choose to eat nutritious foods that make me feel vital and alive.

I have vitality and a high level of energy

My skin looks amazing

I feel great about myself for making the right food choices.

I look and feel awesome

People notice the great changes i have made through my appearance.

I enjoy eating vegatables and fruits through the day.

Eating healthy makes me feel good

I am thankful for the healthy food choices i am making.

New Self Image/Attitude
My self confidence is always increasing

People always notice how happy i am

My attitude is becoming positive and upbeat

My self worth has went up the roof

I feel proud of my accomplishments

I have developed the mindset of a winner.

My strong positive belief helps me achieve all of my goals

I always see the bright side of things

I am optimistic

I am a motivation and inspiration to others

I am creating more joy and fullfillment each and every day.

People love to be around me because of the positive energy that i radiate

I attract positive circumstances and situations most of the time

I love the person i am and who i am continuing to become.

I radiate joy and peace

I am grateful for who i have become.

Imagination exercise
This exercise is another way of helping you create your idea self image. The goal is to see yourself as if it had already happened which follows the basic teaching of the law of attraction which states that whatever one holds in mind tends to manifest. Lets give it a go!
Find a quite place to sit, i would not recommend doing this technique while driving. Take a few deep breathes, relaxing all the muscles in your body. For each breath, take 5 seconds to inhail, pause for 3 seconds, then exhail slowly for another 5 seconds. Close your eyes, and imagine you are on the beach alone, looking outwards towards the ocean, pay attention to the sound of the waves, the birds chirping in the sky, the wind blowing in your face, the sun getting ready to set. Picture your feet sinking in the cold sand. Feel the soft gentle breeze on your skin. Now i want you to imagine yourself in perfect health, having achieved all your goals. Picture yourself relaxed and at ease. Imagine you have the house you have always wanted to live in. The spouse you have always dreamed of. Success in your dream job or dream career. Picture yourself as earning the type of income you have always strived for. The positive relationships you have aquired. The ideal body you have always dreamed of, picture it as already completed. Keep smiling. Hold this image for the next 15 minutes and pay attention to how you feel. If you have done this exercise correctly, you should feel amazing.
I hope you have found some amazing value out of these exercises and understand the importance of self image. What is important is how the exersices make you feel. It is the feeling which is most important. If you can get yourself into a good feeling state, you are on your way to manifesting the life you have always desired. Practice these exercises for the next 21 days and you will find yourself walking different, standing taller, your attitude will change into a more healthy and positive one. You will definetly be amazed at the changes you will see from this chapter as well as what you will learn in the others. Continue on and i wish you the best of luck on your journey to well being!

The power of Forgiveness

Lets learn to forgive others and ourselves not only for the other person, but for our own sake as well. The lack of forgiveness holds the negative energy within our holding pattern and is carried with us throughout our lives, which it is very important that we release that energy by forgiving.

Being angry at someone does not kill the other person, it only kills the angry person. Lets not forget when Jesus was being crucified, he said “forgive them lord for they don’t know what they are doing”

Look back at your life right now and ask yourself? who have i not forgiven? and begin the process and watch the magic happen! God bless you all.